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Pallet unwrapping unit

Unwrapping challenge

The Unwrapping challenge

A considerable amount of pallets are received every day in warehouses and at production companies all around the globe. Many companies have seen the advantages of automated warehouse or storage systems – but one part of the process still remains manual: the unwrapping of shipping pallets. Optimize your processes today!

Varo Unwrapping machine

The solution

VARO now provides you with the solution that will solve your problems: The Automatic Pallet Unwrapping System. VARO’s fully automatic pallet unwrapping system accurately and efficiently removes the stretch film / stretch wrap that is wrapped around products on pallets.

  • Fast

    high capacity – fully automatic multi-shift operation without breaks

  • Careful

    unwrapping without damage to the pallet goods

  • Safe

    no more risk of injury for employees

  • Flexible

    easy integration into existing lines or use as stand-alone unit – quickly contributes to an effective flow

  • AI-Option

    The optional AI add-on can detect and solve possible abnormalities on the pallets and foil.

Patented technology

The fully automatic unwrapping system is a patented technology, which accurately and efficiently cuts and removes the stretch film / stretch wrap that is wrapped around products on pallets. It is therefore the perfect choice for any business that receives and unpacks a large amount of pallets on a daily basis.

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The VARO Unwrapper Core can remove plastic wrapping from pallets

VARO Unwrapper Core

VARO Unwrapper Core is designed for cutting and removing the stretch film wrapped around pallets. And with the innovative technology, you can reuse the stretch film for other purposes – making it a sustainable solution.
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packaging material
  • Other stable products
The VARO Unwrapper Control can remove plastic wrapping from pallets with plastic cans

VARO Unwrapper Control

VARO Unwrapper Control is designed for unstable products, which demand full control of the pallet and products before unwrapping.
  • Plastic containers
  • Jerry cans
  • Drums
  • Bottles
  • Other unstable products

Test before you invest

At our testing facility in Denmark, you can test the technology with your own pallets and products. Contact us to make an appointment, send us your pallets and come and visit us to test your pallets directly on the VARO Unwrapper. Alternatively, we can send you a video or live transmit the testing process. Contact us below to book your testrun with us!

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The VARO unwrapping system can unwrap most types of products on pallets – even when stacked in unregularly shapes. It can handle all standard pallets: EUR EPAL 1-7 (up to 1200×1200 mm) and US pallets up to 48×40”. Contact us today to see whether your pallets fit!
Depending on the shape, height, and the foil type, the average process time for the VARO Unwrapping Solutions is 60 seconds per pallet. For a more precise process time, please contact us and book a test session in our test center to test your own pallets.
The VARO unwrapping solutions are highly flexible, as they both can stand alone or be smoothly integrated into existing warehouse systems or production lines. For exact dimensions of the VARO Unwrapper please download our brochure. VARO is also capable of supplying turnkey packaging solutions, as well as de-palletizing and palletizing solutions. Please contact us or visit the VARO Group website for more information.
The VARO Unwrapper needs electricity as well as compressed air.
Yes, of course you can. VARO has a testing facility in Denmark, where we are able to test the technology with our customers shipping pallets and goods. Please contact us for more information.
In the VARO Unwrapper, we have partnered with Siemens to develop a solution based on vision technology coupled with artificial intelligence, which detects whether all the plastic wrap is gone. With this solution, the process can take place entirely without an employee having to spend time monitoring or removing leftover plastic wrapping. When a pallet arrives at the factory or warehouse, the wrapping is automatically cut up and sucked into a waste container, and regardless of the lighting conditions, the size and shape of the product, and the thickness of the wrapping, the combination of the camera and the algorithm can determine on its own whether all the foil is gone.
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